delmsg — MAPI message deletion from the command-line


/usr/libexec/gromox/delmsg {-dmailboxdir|-u} -ffolder_id message_id[,...]


delmsg deletes messages from a store. This utility does not perform a "surgical" operation on the SQLite database directly, but connects to an exmdb server and issues the delete_messages RPC. This deletes not only messages, but also updates the foloder structure for the sake of Cached Mode clients.

The folder and message IDs taken as arguments on the command-line should be of the GC-value form, i.e. as they appear in the the SQLite database, though.



Perform a soft deletion. Soft deletion is not the same as moving to wastebasket; soft deletion sets a deleted flag and the mail stays in its folder (albeit invisibly).


Lookup the mailbox parameters from the associated filesystem location.

Lookup the mailbox parameters from the associated username.

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