gromox-mt2exm — Utility for importing various mail items


gromox-mt2exm […] [-dpt] -u [user]


gromox-mt2exm reads a Gromox-specific mailbox transfer format data stream from standard input as generated by gromox-pff2mt(8gx) and writes folders and messages included therein to a specific Gromox mail store.

Note that messages are always owned by the store they are in. Especially if importing to a public store, you may need to set some additional permissions on that public store’s folders so that a particular user is able to modify messages.


-B name
For unanchored messages (such as produced by the –only-obj option of gromox-pff2mt and gromox-kdb2mt), place them in this specific folder. The accepted names are: inbox, draft, calendar, journal, notes, tasks, contacts, junk, sent and trash.
Default: draft
Use delivery mode, i.e. treat messages as if they were sent through the mail system rather than being imported. As such, messages are subject to inbox rules, and folders will be ignored altogether.
Show properties in detail (enhances -t).
Print folder/message summary as these items are processed.
-u [user]
Target mail store which to import mails to. For the public folder of a domain, leave out the local part, i.e. use
When importing an MT stream that does not request message splicing, mt2exm will raise an error if a to-be-created folder already exists. This behavior can be turned off with -x. This option can be thought of what mkdir’s -p option would do.


PFF import to a private mailbox:

gromox-pff2mt sample.pst | gromox-mt2exm -u

PFF import to a public folder:

gromox-pff2mt sample.pst | gromox-mt2exm -u

See also

gromox(7), gromox-pff2mt(8gx)