rebuild — Tool for low-level rebuilding a SQLite database


/usr/libexec/gromox/rebuild x.sqlite3[...]


gromox-rebuild recreates the SQL database exchange.sqlite3 by way of a INSERT-SELECT cycle. In other words, it executes a SELECT for every one of the old tables and does an INSERT with a new database, then swaps the files.

The intent of this helper utility is to repair SQLite-level corruptions; if and when such a corruption came to be, the error message (in e.g. exmdb_provider's logs) to look for would be "database disk image is malformed".

After rebuilding an exchange.sqlite3 file, you should invoke gromox-mbop(8gx) with the "unload" command on the specific mailbox directory to make exmdb_provider(4gx) aware of the change.


-T path
This option can be used to override the data_file_path variable from the config file; it specifies the location where the SQLite schemas etc. are stored.
Default: /usr/share/gromox


  • config_file_path/exmdb_list.txt: exmdb multiserver selection map.

See also

gromox(7), gromox-mbop(8gx)