textmaps — Service plugin for various data


textmaps is a service plugin that reads various data maps into memory and offers lookups in them.

It is vital that it be able to load the text files and initialize the mappings, as otherwise, character set conversions cannot be performed and e.g. exchange_nsp(4gx) responds with failure to RPCs made by Outlook that involve character set IDs or locale IDs.


  • data_file_path/cpid.txt: mapping between character set IDs and names
  • data_file_path/folder_names.txt: Translations for essential folders in a message store.
  • data_file_path/lang_charset.txt: mapping from language code to character set
  • data_file_path/lcid.txt: mapping between locale IDs and names
  • data_file_path/mime_extension.txt: mapping between file extensiosn and MIME types

data_file_path is determined by the configuration of the program that loaded the textmapplug plugin.

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