Generic Migration

This chapter covers overall migration to grommunio with generic and standardized protocols. These instructions are intentionally named generic, as these migration scenarios apply to multiple providers, installations and other communication software installations.

Individual emails

With the gromox-eml2mt, gromox-ical2mt, gromox-vcf2mt and gromox-mt2exm command-line utilities, grommunio has utilities with which individual emails, calendars or contact card files can be read and imported. Tend to the linked manual pages to read about the invocation syntax.

Migration via IMAP

As a user, you can do IMAP-to-IMAP transfers. This can be done interactively with a MUA such as Thunderbird or Alpine by having both the original and the Gromox IMAP accounts added and moving mails. Alternatively, the imapsync command-line utility may be used to do so non-interactively.