Current Roadmap

  • The Current Stable stable release of grommunio has been released on the 24th February 2021, with a support lifecycle of 3 years and optional extended lifecycle extensions available with grommunio’s subscription program.

  • The Next stable release is planned for release in August 2021 with the following featureset:

    • Availability of a Migration Toolkit for even easier migration from other communication products, such as even easier migration with PST and other protocols

    • Full availability of grommunio to the following main distributions: Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)

    • Integration of Configuration Management into Admin UI will allow simplified configuration of grommunio-related components for simplified configuration throughout any grommunio installation.

    • Native Apps will allow direct app-based access from any mobile device to grommunio Meet, grommunio Files and grommunio Chat.

  • The Future release is planned for release in February 2022 with the following featureset:

    • Integration of SSO technologies for even simpler login and credential management in enterprise networks

    • Development of Outlook Addons for grommunio Meet, Chat and Files will integrate all other aspects of enterprise communication directly with Microsoft Outlook

    • Full EWS support will provide native access for macOS and Outlook on mobile (App) users as well as allow protocol-level integration next to RPC as main protocol.

    • Graph API implementation will allow any third party products to integrate with grommunio on the same level as it would with Microsoft 365-enabled environments.

Release strategy

grommunio is committed to delivering quality software products in a customer-friendly and predictable way.

The release model of grommunio is divided into 2 different chains:

  • Major releases (e.g. 2021.02, 2021.08)

  • Minor releases (e.g. 2021.02.1, 2021.02.2, 2021.08.1)

Major releases contain are determined to larger feature-sets as well as including potential architectural changes whereas minor releases are focussed on bugfixes, security updates and smaller features.


While grommunio does everything to provide the highest level of transparency, the roadmap document is subject to change based on factors such as customer demand, technological adaption or community response. While this document is crafted with the highest level of care and accuracy, there might be changes, which grommunio communicates through its available communication channels, such as social networks, newsletters and on grommunio’s other news sections..