The grommunio user documentation helps users to configure grommunio accounts and work with grommunio on a daily basis. With the information in this document, users will be able to work with grommunio without administrator interaction. Since grommunio is easy to work with due to its basis on standards well known in the workplace, grommunio does not require special training, if the users already have a basic understanding of the clients used.

This documentation does not replace any sane client training for end users and does not replace documentation of the client uses, such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. For clients which are non-exclusive to grommunio, refer to the documentation provided by the client software as provided by the vendor.

The goal of this document is to simplify the configuration effort for users and administrators as well as shine a light on the differences in configuration and handling compared to other solutions.

Since grommunio is a comprehensive communication and collaboration solution that includes e-mail, calendaring, contacts, tasks, notes, video meetings, chat and file management, not all clients are able to deliver the entire feature set provided by grommunio. Instead, some features are only available in some clients, while grommunio web provides a web-based possibility to have the features closer to each other.

grommunio features some cutting-edge collaboration features, only available in certain areas of the solution due to the platform limitations of some environments (such as desktop).

With its integration features, grommunio is anxious to deliver a most integrated solution to todays needs: Simplicity, Performance, Stability, Productivity.

The following chapters will show how to configure and setup grommunio accounts with the preferred client of choice (Microsoft Outlook, Android, Apple Mail (iOS), Apple Mail (macOS), Microsoft Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird). Since grommunio is focused on delivering its products according to well-established computer standards, the list of clients covered in this manual is not exhaustive. The chance, the client of choice not covered in this manual operating well with grommunio are very high, as long as the client respects established computer standards (RFCs) and/or documented protocol specifications.

For illustration purposes, grommunio provides step-by-step instructions on how to configure accounts, however, the illustrations shown might differ slightly from your environment. This documentation has been written with the sole intention of delivering the necessary steps to setup grommunio, with the intention of documenting the relevant portions which are in the very most cases version independent from a content perspective.


While grommunio is determined to keep the documentation regularly up-to-date, computer standards regularly receive updates. While illustrations might differ slightly from the setup used, the content should allow a seamless configuration and setup.


Should you encounter any differences in your environment or specifically be unable to setup your account, we welcome any requests, additions or corrections at our community at or with a valid subscription at