alias_resolve — Alias resolution and expansion for delivery(8gx)


alias_resolve is a component of the delivery agent which rewrites the Envelope FROM and RCPT fields of incoming messages, trimming extensions, resolving aliases to the primary email address, resolving contact objects where they occur, and expanding mailing lists to their members.

Configuration directives

alias_resolve(4gx) reads /etc/gromox/mysql_adaptor.cfg for mysql_host, mysql_port, mysql_username, mysql_password, mysql_dbname and mysql_rdwr_timeout. Confer with mysql_adaptor(4gx) for details.

alias_resolve(4gx) reads /etc/gromox/gromox.cfg:

Interval between refreshes of the alias and contact object cache.
Default: 1h
The set of characters that separate an email address into localpart and extension. This mirrors the "recipient_delimiter" directive from postconf(5).
Default: (empty)


When the plugin is reloaded (i.e. SIGHUP is sent to delivery(8gx)), the alias cache is refreshed as well, resetting the timer for the next refresh.


  • data_file_path/mlist_bounce/: response templates for when a mailing list could not be expanded

See also

gromox(7), delivery(8gx)