authmgr — Demultiplexer for authentication requests


authmgr is a service plugin that, for mail account authentication, dynamically selects the authentication backend per user account. The and/or plugins need to be loaded in advance (this is the case by default).

Configuration directives

The usual config file location is /etc/gromox/authmgr.cfg.

This controls how authmgr will verify passwords supplied with login operations. See the "Authentication modes" section below for details.
Available: deny_all, allow_all, externid
Default: externid

Authentication modes

  • deny_all rejects every attempt at authentication. This is at best useful for testing.

  • allow_all permits every attempt at authentication (provided the user exists). This may be handy when doing the initial mass-import of mailboxes via external IMAP-to-IMAP synchronization utilities such as imapsync without needing to know user passwords.

  • externid will cause authmgr to selectively pick LDAP/MySQL, depending on whether the user was imported from LDAP or not.

See also

gromox(7), ldap_adaptor(4gx), mysql_adaptor(4gx)