authmgr — Demultiplexer for authentication requests


authmgr is a service plugin that, for mail account authentication, dynamically selects the authentication backend per user account. The and/or plugins need to be loaded in advance (this is the case by default).

Configuration directives

The usual config file location is /etc/gromox/authmgr.cfg.

This controls how authmgr will verify passwords supplied with login operations. See the "Authentication modes" section below for details.
Available: deny_all, allow_all, ldap, pam
Default: ldap

Authentication modes

  • deny_all: every attempt at authentication is rejected. This is at best useful for testing.

  • allow_all: every attempt at authentication (provided the user exists) is permitted. This may be handy when doing the initial mass-import of mailboxes via external IMAP-to-IMAP synchronization utilities such as imapsync without needing to know user passwords.

  • ldap (old name: externid): authmgr will selectively pick LDAP/MySQL, depending on whether the externid column in the user database has a value or contains just the empty string. The particular value is ignored and only meaningful to the importer.

  • pam: authmgr will selectively pick PAM/MySQL. The PAM service name will be "gromox". Be sure that is not invoked as part of that PAM service stack, or it will lead to infinite recursion.

See also

gromox(7), ldap_adaptor(4gx), mysql_adaptor(4gx)