grommunio-admin fetchmail — Manage fetchmail settings and generate rc file


grommunio-admin fetchmail create [<FIELDS>] –srcPassword PASSWORD –srcServer SERVER –srcUser USER USERSPEC [MAILBOX]
grommunio-admin fetchmail delete [-y] MBSPEC
grommunio-admin fetchmail list [-f FILTER] [-s SORT] [MBSPEC]
grommunio-admin fetchmail modify [<FIELDS>] MBSPEC
grommunio-admin fetchmail print [-q] MBSPEC
grommunio-admin fetchmail show [–password] MBSPEC
grommunio-admin fetchmail write-rc [–force] [-o FILE] [-p] [-t MINUTES] [-v]


Subcommand to show and manipulate fetchmail entries and generate fetchmailrc file.


Create a new fetchmail entry
Delete fetchmail entry
List fetchmail entries
Modify fetchmail entry
Print fetchmail configuration line generated by the entry
Show detailed information about fetchmail entry
Write fetchmail configuration file (fetchmailrc)


E-Mail address of the local mailbox to deliver the mails to. Defaults to e-mail address of the specified user
Mailbox prefix or ID of the fetchmail entry
Username prefix or ID of the user to attach the entry to
-f FIELD=<value>, --filter FIELD=<value>
Filter expression in the form of ‘field=value’. Can be specified multiple times to refine filter
Write rc file even if no entries were changed since the last write
-o, --out-file
Path to write configuration to. Default is /etc/fetchmailrc
Print the source password
-p, --print
Additionally print rc file to stdout
-q, --quiet
Do not print additional info
-s FIELD, --sort FIELD
Sort by field. Can be given multiple times
-t, --time
Time in minutes since the last write. Default is to autodetect by file mtime
-v, --verbose
Be more verbose
-y, --yes
Delete multiple entries without prompting


--active STATE
Whether the entry is active. STATE can be one of 0, 1, yes or no. Default is 1
--extraOptions EXTRAOPTIONS
Space separated list of options to write into the fetchmailrc
--fetchall STATE
Whether to fetch mails marked as seen on the source server. STATE can be one of 0, 1, yes or no. Default is 0
--keep STATE
Whether to keep fetched mails on the source server. STATE can be one of 0, 1, yes or no. Default is 1
--protocol PROTOCOL
Protocol to use for fetching. Can be one of POP3, IMAP, POP2, ETRN or AUTO. Default is IMAP
--srcAuth AUTH
Authentication method to use. Can be one of password, kerberos_v5, kerberos, kerberos_v4, gssapi, cram-md5, otp, ntlm, msn, ssh, any. Default is password
--srcFolder FOLDER
Source folder to fetch from
--srcPassword PASSWORD
Password of the source user. Single () and double () quotes are automatically removed.
--srcServer SERVER
Source server to fetch from
--srcUser USER
Source user to fetch mails from
--sslCertCheck STATE
Whether to force SSL certificate check. STATE can be one of 0, 1, yes or no. Default is 0
Path to a directory containing trusted certificates or empty to use system default
Enable SSL

See Also

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