gromox-exm2eml — Utility to export messages in various formats


gromox-exm2eml -u user@domain.example [folder_id:]message_id

gromox-exm2ical -u user@domain.example [folder_id:]message_id

gromox-exm2vcf -u user@domain.example [folder_id:]message_id

gromox-exm2mt -u user@domain.example [folder_id:]message_id >


gromox-exm2eml reads one message from an exmdb information store and exports it as Internet Mail (RFC 5322), iCalendar (RFC 5545), vCard (RFC 6350) or the Gromox mailbox transfer format (cf. gromox-mt2exm).

When folder_id is specified, exm2eml validates that the message is in that particular folder.

An alternate way to get an EML representation is using grommunio-web's "Export as > EML file(s)" function from the context menu of a mail item.

See also

gromox(7), gromox-eml2mt(8gx)