exchange_nsp — http(8gx) processing plugin for the Exchange Server Name Service Provider Interface Protocol.


exchange_nsp is a processing plugin for http(8gx) which handles the Exchange Server Name Service Provider Interface Protocol, in essence providing the Address Book for the EMSMDB connector.

Configuration directives

The usual config file location is /etc/gromox/exchange_nsp.cfg.


Default: 5 minutes


Default: 3000

Level 1: Log entry into and exit out of NSP functions, with their parameter values. Log data dumps of select calls. Level 2: Dump more data.
Default: 0

Default: false


Default: (unspecified)


A number of properties are always synthesized by exchange_nsp and never read from any storage; this includes key properties such as PR_ENTRYID, PR_RECORD_KEY, etc. The following properties need mentioning:

  • PR_DEPARTMENT: This property is synthesized from the department that a user has been assigned to (cf. SQL table "users", column "group_id", and SQL table "group", column "title").

For user-attached properties that are read from SQL (cf. table "user_properties"), exchange_nsp (as well as zcore(8gx)'s AB) only handles a subset of property types: PT_BOOLEAN, PT_SHORT, PT_LONG, PT_I8, PT_SYSTIME, PT_BINARY, PT_UNICODE/STRING8 and PT_MV_UNICODE/STRING8.

Normative references

  • MS-OXNSPI: Exchange Server Name Service Provider Interface (NSPI) Protocol

See also

gromox(7), http(8gx)