gromox-abktconv — Utility for converting between ABKT and JSON


gromox-abktconv {-b|-j} [-gw?] [-c cpid]


gromox-abktconv can be used to convert between data streams as specified in MS-OXOABKT and a textual representation. It reads and writes to standard input and output, respectively.



Produce type-1 ABKT from JSON.

-c cpid

When converting to ABKT (-b), convert strings to the given codepage and emit them as 8-bit strings.


When converting to ABKT (-b), emit extraneous gaps in the data stream to mimic what Exchange would do. Without -g, the ABKT stream will have no unnecessary gaps.


Produce JSON from ABKT type-1 or type-2.


When converting to ABKT (-b), emit strings in UTF-16 form. This is the default.


Display option summary.

Normative references

  • MS-OXOABKT: Address Book User Interface Templates Protocol

  • oxoabkt.rst: Type-2 ABKT template protocol

See also

gromox(7), gromox-abktpull(8gx)