grommunio-admin user — User management


grommunio-admin user create [--no-defaults] [<FIELDS>] USERNAME
grommunio-admin user delete [-c] [-k] [-y] USERSPEC
grommunio-admin user devices USERSPEC (list | resync | remove | show) [DEVICE …]
grommunio-admin user devices USERSPEC wipe [--mode MODE] DEVICE
grommunio-admin user list [-f ATTRIBUTE=<value>] [-s FIELD] [USERSPEC]
grommunio-admin user modify [<FIELDS>] [--delete-chat-user] [--no-ldap] [--remove-alias ALIAS] [--remove-altname ALTNAME] [--remove-property PROPSPEC] [--remove-storeprop PROPSPEC] USERSPEC
grommunio-admin user query [-f ATTRIBUTE=<value>] [--format FORMAT] [--separator SEPARATOR] [-s FIELD] [ATTRIBUTE …]
grommunio-admin user show [-f ATTRIBUTE=<value>] [-s FIELD] USERSPEC


Subcommand to show and delete users.

No functionality for adding or modifying users is implemented at the moment.



Create a new user


Delete user


User mobile device management


List users Deprecated. Use query instead.


Modify a user


Query user attributes


Show detailed information about a user



Attributes to query. Available attributes are ID, aliases, changePassword, chat, chatAdmin, domainID, forward, homeserverID, lang, ldapID, maildir, pop3_imap, privArchive, privChat, privFiles, privVideo, publicAddress, smtp, status and username.

If no attributes are specified, ID, username and status are shown.


Limit command to given device ID(s)


E-Mail address of the user


User name prefix or user ID

-c, --keep-chat

Deactivate but do not permanently delete chat user


Permanently delete chat user

-f FIELD=<value>, --filter FIELD=<value>

Filter expression in the form of ‘field=value’. Can be specified multiple times to refine filter

--format FORMAT

Output format. Can be one of csv, json-flat, json-structured and pretty. Default is pretty.

-k, --keep-files

Do not delete user files from disk

--mode MODE

Specify wipe status to set. Possible values are account and normal, or cancel to stop a pending wipe.


Do not apply configured default values


Detach user from LDAP object

--remove-alias ALIAS

Remove ALIAS from user (can be given multiple times)

--remove-altname ALTNAME

Remove ALTNAME from user (can be given multiple times)

--remove-property PROPSPEC

Remove property from user (can be given multiple times)

--remove-storeprop PROPSPEC

Remove property from user's store (can be given multiple times)

--separator SEPARATOR

String to use for column separation (csv and pretty only). Must have length 1 if format is csv. Default is "," for csv and " " for pretty.

-s FIELD, --sort FIELD

Sort by field. Can be given multiple times

-y, --yes

Assume yes instead of prompting


--changePassword <bool>

Whether the user can change the password

--chat <bool>

Whether to create a chat user

--chatAdmin <bool>

Whether the user has chat admin privileges

--homeserver ID

ID of the home server or 0 for local user

--lang LANG

User store language


Identifier of the LDAP object linked to the user

--pop3-imap <bool>

Whether the user has the POP3/IMAP privilege

--privArchive <bool>

Whether the user has the archiving privilege

--privChat <bool>

Whether the user has the chat privilege

--privFiles <bool>

Whether the user has the files privilege

--privVideo <bool>

Whether the user has the video privilege

--public-address <bool>

Whether the user has the public address privilege

--smtp <bool>

Whether the user has the SMTP privilege

--status STATUS

User address status. Either numeric value or one of normal, suspended, deleted or shared.

--alias ALIAS

Add alias

--altname ALTNAME

Add ALTNAME to user alternative login name list (can be given multiple times)

--property propspec=value

Set property defined by propspec to value

--storeprop propspec=value

Set store property defined by propspec to value


Rename user

See Also

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