grommunio-admin config — grommunio-admin config introspection


grommunio-admin config check
grommunio-admin config (dump|*get*) [KEY]
grommunio-admin config trace [-s] (files|*values*) [KEY]



Check the structural validity of the configuration.
Does currently not validate the semantic integrity, i.e. existence of referenced files, LDAP or database connectivity etc., although this functionality may be added in the future.

dump, get

Print the complete configuration.
As the grommunio-admin configuration can (and probably will) be distributed over multiple files, the get command provides an easy way to see the effective configuration.
The output can be reduced to a single KEY, if specified. Sub-levels can be specified in dotted notation (e.g. sync.defaultPolicy)
The dump command is an alias for get and remains for backward compatibility.


Trace source of effective configuration.
Results can be presented either by file (files), showing which parts of a file are actually used, or by value (values), showing which file each value originates from.
Installation of the Python termcolor package is advised for a more readable output. See section Tracing for more information.



Only view specified key.

-s, --show-history

Display more value history (see section Tracing for more information)



Print annotated contents of each file.
Each line is marked and color coded to show its status. The following annotations are used:
  • +, green: The value is part of the final configuration

  • x, red: The value is overwritten by a later file

  • *, yellow: The object or list is extended by a later file

  • ~, grey: The value is overwritten with the same value

Additionally, lines overwriting or extending previous entries are printed in boldface.
When specifying --show-history, each value that is overwritten or extended is annotated with the files doing so (each being color coded with the effect it has on the value).


Print annotated effective configuration.
Each line is annotated with the file it originates from. In case of objects and lists, all contributing files are listed.
When specifying --show-history, overwritten files containing that value are listed as well. The effective source file is underlined.
For better visualization, color coding is done on a per-file basis: Each file is assigned an individual style which is used for its contributions. Objects and lists originating from multiple files are always shown in boldface white.

See Also

grommunio-admin, grommunio-admin-dbconf, grommunio-admin-mconf