gromox-oxm2mt — Utility for analysis of Outlook .msg files


gromox-oxm2mt [-pt] input.msg


gromox-oxm2mt reads an Outlook .msg file, and re-exports the data in a Gromox-specific mailbox transfer format to stdout for consumption by pipe by the gromox-mt2exm(8gx) program. Optionally, oxm2mt can print a tree summary of the message.



Show properties in detail (enhances -t).


Show a diagnostic tree view of the source data as it is being read.


Import of a message to drafts:

gromox-oxm2mt saved.msg | gromox-mt2exm -u user@domain.example -B drafts

Normative references

  • MS-CFB: Compound File Binary Format (CFBF)

  • MS-OXMSG: Outlook Item (.msg) File Format

Outlook message files use the "Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) / Component Object Model (COM) structured storage compound file implementation binary file format", or just CFB/CFBF for short. It resembles something of a FAT filesystem. The file(1) utility identifies those as "CDFV2 Microsoft Outlook Message" (Compound Document Format). A proposed MIME type is "application/".

oxm2mt uses the libolecf C library to read the CDF structure of .msg files per [MS-CFB], and then applies own code to make sense of the files as per [MS-OXMSG].

See also

gromox(7), gromox-mt2exm(8gx), olecfexport(1)