grommunio-admin ldap — LDAP tools


grommunio-admin ldap check [-o ORGSPEC] [-r [-m] [-y]]
grommunio-admin ldap configure [-d] [-o ORGSPEC]
grommunio-admin ldap downsync [-c] [-f] [-l] [-o ORGSPEC] [-p PAGE_SIZE] [USER [USER …]]
grommunio-admin ldap dump [-o ORGSPEC] USER
grommunio-admin ldap info [-o ORGSPEC]
grommunio-admin ldap reload [-o ORGSPEC]
grommunio-admin ldap search [-a] [--format FORMAT] [-n MAX_RESULTS] [-o ORGSPEC] [-p PAGE_SIZE] [USER]


The grommunio admin ldap module provides functions for configuring and testing the LDAP connection and downloading or updating users.



Check if the LDAP objects imported users are linked to can still be found, optionally removing orphaned users


Interactively configure or modify LDAP connection


Synchronize or import users from LDAP


Print LDAP object


Show connection status


Reload the LDAP configuration and reconnect


Search for users



LDAP object ID or search string

-a, --all

Show all results, not only importable objects

-c, --complete

Import or update all users from the LDAP tree

-f, --force

Force update users that are linked to a different or no LDAP object

--format FORMAT

Output format. Can be one of csv, json-flat, json-structured and pretty. Default is pretty.

-l, --lang

Set language for imported users. Default is to not set any language.

-m, --remove-maildirs

Also remove user files from disk

-n MAX_RESULTS, --max-results MAX_RESULTS

Maximum number of results or 0 to disable limit (default 0). Note that the actual number of results may exceed the limit due to paging and filtering.

-o ORGSPEC, --organization ORGSPEC

Use organization specific LDAP connection. Supports organization ID or name.

-p PAGE_SIZE, --page-size PAGE_SIZE

Set batch size for paged search. Can be decreased when running into timeout errors with slow LDAP servers. Default is 1000.

-r, --remove

Remove imported users of which the linked LDAP object could not be found

-t TYPES, --types TYPES

Comma separated list of object types to search for. Supported are user, contact and group.

-y, --yes

Do not prompt for confirmation, assume yes

See Also

grommunio-admin, grommunio-admin-fs, grommunio-admin-user