gromox-edb2mt — Utility for analysis of Exchange .edb files


gromox-edb2mt -l mdb01.edb

gromox-edb2mt [-pt] mdb01.edb -x mbid


gromox-edb2mt reads one mailbox from an Exchange .edb file, and dumps the structure to stderr with -t/-p.

edb2mt is not currently suitable for import of mailbox data, see also <>.



Show the mailbox table from the .edb file.


Show properties in detail (enhances -t).


Show a diagnostic tree view of the source data as it is being read.

-x mbid

Extract the given mailbox from the .edb file.

Obtaining edb files

On the Exchange server, stop the service known as "Microsoft Exchange Information Store" (as reported in services.msc) or "Microsoft.Exchange.Store.exe" (as reported in Task Manager). This will release file locks on edb files so that they can be copied elsewhere.

See also

gromox(7), gromox-mt2exm(8gx)